Inside Farrah and Sophia's world


Hey guys!!!

I’m looking for some cute sites with either clothes/jewelry/accessories… and etc. If you have any sites that are your favorite (they can be big companies or individuals) send them my way! 

I’ll check them out, and post my favorites - what I think of them!

<3 thanks for the help!!

You are so beautiful and work so hard for as young as you are, and I really respect that. You remind me so much of myself! Lol. I've been watching teen mom since day one because of you. I hope you and Sophia are doing awesome!! Much love <3

Thank you!!! We appreciate your love and support.

Hey Farrah! (: I love you on teen mom! your soo sweet! i watched the new episode that came out yesterday! I feel bad for you that you dont really have that many friends to talk to! ): I've kind of felt the same before. although i dont have so many problems to talk about i know how it feels to feel like you have no one to talk to. i tend to talk to my tumblr a lot recently haha although i have no followers its kind of nice to be able to talk and not worry about what i say :p well any way feel free to write back (: i really hope everything is going great for you and sophia! you guys seem soo sweet (:

<3 thank you.